Horse Shoeing
Horses have been a part of Doug's heritage since his great grandpa served the in logging industry back in the 1800's.
Doug earned a degree in Farrier Science at Oklahoma and served in a apprenticeship prior to becoming a full-time professional Farrier. He has been horseshoeing on a full time basis since 1979, his work ranges from the novice horse enthusiast to shoeing over 60 national and world championship horses.


1. Corrective Hoof Trimming
Corrective hoof trimming is automatically provided each and every time a hoof is picked up trim. Even the best legged horse may need some slight corrections.
2. Corrective Hoof Shoeing...
...addresses the role of a horseshoe plays in affecting your horses looks and performance. Knowledge of materials and correct application, combined with the ability to diagnose and correct the problem will further enhance your horses balance and motion.
3. Corrective Hoof Repair...
...covers a broad range or repair to the hoofs damaged by injury or ailment such as Seedy Toe, Thrush, gravel etc. Hoof repairs can range from patching to major hoof reconstruction. Materials can range from leather, plastics, silicone, acrylics and forged metal.
4. Specialty Shoeing
Doug will provide your horse with "shoes to fit the occasion" such as halter and performance plates, or sliders for the reigned horse, shoes for the English or Park horse, toe weights, caulks, or clips. Shoes for the barrel horse, game horse, trail for parade horses are also available.
5. Veterinarian Assistance
Working with your veterinarian, this service will not only provide for early identification of hoof ailments and diseases but will also insure proper treatment.


1. Pre-Purchase Council
If you are considering the purchase of one for more head and desire a second opinion Doug offers his expertise on the balance soundness proper structure and how it affects the horses movement.
2. Form to function Council
A horseman who wants a second opinion on a given horses ability to perform a specific task based on his structural makeup.
3. Halter Breaking and Mannering
This service is provided to the horsemen who desires to have a young untrained horse or an older problem horse taught to respect the halter i.e., stand tied. Horses that respect the halter are less likely to injure themselves or their handlers.
4. Show Farrier
Doug is available to cover Regional and State associations when needed of a qualified, experienced, show farrier is desired.
5. Clinics
Doug is available to present a variety of equine related to topics to F.F.A. 4-H, high schools, local sports clubs, Regional and State associations or anyone desiring assistance and a planning clinic.